From classic leather dog collars to martingale and slip dog collars, from colorful and rolled leather dog collars to spiked and studded collars, all handmade of genuine leather. When shopping for pet accessories, be sure that our shop carries a widest selection of premium quality natural leather dog collars for most dog breeds from puppy to large dogs: Martingale collars for whippet and greyhound, wide leather collars for bulldog and pitbull secure collars for amstaff and german shepherd, soft leather collars for labradors, spaniels, retrievers, great danes, rottweilers, chihuahuas and many others. We’re happy to help you find classic general use dog collars as well as wedding decorated collars with rhinestones, flowers girl dog collars or braided dog collars. Our handle and choke dog collars could be a good choice in selecting a training collar for your pet. Highest quality genuine leather, polished hardware, variety of colors and styles will satisfy any demanding customer with refined taste. Browse our handmade dog collars online by color and size, don’t hesitate to contact us to choose that ideal item for your beloved pet. Whether you are walking in the park or going to a special event, training or playing with your dog our attractive versatile dog collars will meet all of your needs.